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Tapping Into Federal Funds: Your Ultimate Grant Resource

Public safety communications centers hoping to improve infrastructure, upgrade equipment or add staff need access to funding outside the usual budget sources. Grants are often the answer to this need.Tapping into Federal Fundsis your ultimate grant resource. It offers an introduction to grants and who offers them, and describes the paths that three different agencies took to find funding for major projects. Finally, the supplement offers grant-writing tips from a grant reviewer.

Where's the Money?

Above and beyond the usual operating expenses that fall within annual budget sources (local and state 9-1-1 funding, which is also coming under increased scrutiny and often diverted to fund other priorities), major project and equipment expenses need to be funded.

Keri Losavio

Studies in Success

PlantCML markets mission-critical communications and response technologies and assists public safety agencies seeking grants. And it’s gone one better: steering agencies toward lesser known funds they are more likely to obtain.

Courtney McCain

Make Your Case

For purposes of this article, we’re discussing two basic types of grants. The first is an equipment-specific CEDAP (Commercial Equip­ment Direct Assistance Program) grant. The second type of grant is project-oriented and usually involves equipment, installation and possibly software, construction, staffing, training, etc.

Charles Taylor

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