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Event Type: Continuing Education
Event Date: Monday, September 16, 2013 - 8:00am - Thursday, September 19, 2013 - 6:00pm
Event Location: Northport , AL us
3721 26th Ave.
Event Cost: 100
Event Desc:

This is a 40-hour course to inform officers and/or administrations of the importance of a standardized system that allows the trainee and trainer to be on the same understanding. By utilizing the San Jose model, this course covers standard guidelines that allow for the trainee to understand what is expected of them. This system can be used by small departments to large. The student will receive a certificate of completion. The areas that will be discussed will be: • Introduction to the F.T.O. Program • Ethics • Proper selection of an F.T.O. • Responsibilities of the F.T.O. • Leadership • Different learning styles • Evaluation of the trainee • Different strategies • Forms • Liabilities • Communication • Motivation • Remedial training • Process • Constructive criticism • Time management • Evaluation of the F.T.O. and training program by the F.T.O. and the trainee. • Written test

Any CLASS questions please contact Sgt. Terry Parker at tmparker1@una.edu or 256-765-4357, or Latricia Hensley at latriciah7@gmail.com. Please email Ms. Hensley to cancel, a one-week cancellation notice must be given for the above class, or the participant and/or department will be charged the full amount.

More Info: http://www.una.edu/psi/
Contact: Latricia Hensley | <p>256-765-4357 or 256-627-6882</p> | latriciah7@gmail.com

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