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Street Smarts & Book Smarts Vital for Law Enforcement Leaders

Seeking higher education can help boost leadership skills Read It >

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Pursuing a Higher Education Degree as a Law Enforcement Officer

The benefits of higher education, strategies for success and degree programs to consider Read It >

One Step Toward a Safer Community:

Why paying attention to the “broken” kid may be the key to decreasing violence in many communities across the U.S. More >

Don't Forget Department Policy

One of the most significant errors law enforcement instructors make is the omission of agency policy during training. More >

Leading for Different Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently, so we need to make sure we are conveying our message in the way that will be best received by members of our team. More >

Surviving a Career in Law Enforcement

Going beyond Below 100 to ensure career survival More >

Have Our Leaders Gone Missing?

Law enforcement is the most complex profession in the world today. And we lack a collective voice. More >

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WatchGuard: "Laser Focused" on In-Car Video

Unique solution minimizes upload times and data storage costs
Watch It >

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A Cut Above for In-Car Video

High-definition video, 360-degree coverage around your vehicle
Watch It >

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Schooled at SHOT

Law Officer and the NSSF team up to bring essential training for LEOs to SHOT Show
Watch It >

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Havis Implements New Automated Bagger

Havis has implemented another innovative piece of manufacturing technology.
Watch It >


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Public Relations & Building Trust in the Community

Police work is not always pretty, but we can work together with our communities to show the realities of this often dangerous job.
Watch Now>

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Generate tactical leads with your handheld. Introducing: COPLINK Everywhere.

Use the power of COPLINK data from your handheld - on the scene.
Watch Now>

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Intelligence-Led Policing

Learn why intelligence-led policing is an important component to any crime fighting strategy, and why putting in a feedback loop can help you and your team set up a program to monitor and patrol crime hot spots.
Watch Now>

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Murder Charge: Facts or Agenda?

Two Albuquerque police officers are facing murder charges for shooting an armed man. What's the real reason behind the decision to files these charges?.. More >


Law Officer Survey

LEOs & Drug Policy

The results are in. More than 11,000 sworn LEOs took time out of their busy schedules to tell us what they think about America’s fast-changing drug policy.
More >


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